Desde el 11 de junio de 2010, en el Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria puede visitarse la exposición “Los cuadernos del Equilibrista. Donde nacen las ideas” sobre el trabajo de Manuel Estrada como diseñador gráfico. Basado en más de 50 cuadernos de bocetos, pueden verse además casi dos centenares de piezas gráficas, carteles, logos y portadas. A partir del mes de agosto, la muestra itinerará por otras ciudades. An exhibition entitled “Los cuadernos del Equilibrista: Donde nacen las ideas” will open on 11 June 2010 at the Atlantic Modern Art Centre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The exhibition features the work of Manuel Estrada as a graphic designer. Based on more than 50 notebooks containing drafts, there are also almost 200 graphics, posters, logos and covers. The exhibition will start touring other cities from August onwards. Manuel Estrada was born in 1953. He started studying architecture while working at Román Marlasca’s architect studio. At the beginning of the eighties, he and five colleagues joined forces to form the Sidecar graphics group, and he abandoned his architectural studies. For several years he worked in advertising graphics, working for several of Spain’s most important agencies, and packaging, film posters and publication design. In 1989 he opened his own studio, throwing himself wholeheartedly into graphic design: Logos and book covers, magazines and posters. His activity spread into all graphics-related activities. During the nineties the studio grew to a team of ten people working on corporate identity programmes, book collections and editorial projects, as well as visual identity for museums, graphics for events and signage and archigraphic projects. At the studio, Estrada works with words and drawings, developing and polishing the ideas before taking them to the computer. During the creative process he seeks a balance between reflection, emotion and instinct. “Design must be more than mere decoration. Our work should not be used like makeup, to whitewash poorly constructed reality. We should work from the inside out, especially when projects have an important impact on businesses or institutions. We should generating aesthetic values that will be useful to the society to which they are addressed”. Designers work on commissions. We need to accept this risk and do it well. “There are no shortcuts or recipes; we need to wait for inspiration while we work”. Over recent years, Manuel Estrada has combined his work at the studio with teaching design, delivering numerous courses and workshops. For nine years he has run a Masters degree course in Editorial design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid, he is a member of its Scientific Committee and has directed Final Projects in Graphics for several years. For eight years he has also given a Design Workshop at the UIMP, Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayao as part of the summer courses at its headquarters in Santander. He is currently the chairman of the Madrid Designers’ Association (DIMAD) which manages the Central de Diseño de Matadero in Madrid. He is a member of the management at VEGAP, the Company that manages authors’ rights for plastic artists and designers in Spain. He is a member of the Higher Council of Artistic Teaching and is executive chairman of the Advisory Council of the Ibero American Design Biennial (BID).

AGENCY: Editorial Experimenta S.L
Directed by Stefano Nicoli
Edited by Pierluigi Cattermole and Stefano Nicoli
Cinematography by Stefano Nicoli and Ramon Montero Orozco
Still photographer: David Fernandez Serrano
Original music by Stefano Nottoli and Bøsnervøs


Exposición Enformato, Palacio Quintanar, Segovia
Galería Caisa, Helsinki – Finland
Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno CAAM, Las Palmas