The Harmandir Sahib (Punjabi: ਹਰਿਮੰਦਰ ਸਾਹਿਬ) also Darbar Sahib  and informally referred to as the Golden Temple is a prominent Sikh Gurdwara located in the city of AmritsarPunjabIndia. Langar (Punjabi: ਲੰਗਰ, Hindi: लंगर) is the term used in the Sikh religion for common kitchen/canteen where food is served in a Gurdwara to all the visitors for free. The institution of “free kitchen” or the “temple of bread”, as Prof. Puran Singh called it, was started by Guru Nanak. The Guru-Ka-Langar in Amristar is a majestic example of Sikh’s benevolence.

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Directed by Stefano Nicoli
Original music: “Combien” by Löhstana David from the album “Naturel
Audio engineer: Paul Chimp
Post production: Experimenta S.L ( 
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10º muestra de cine de Lavapies, SPAIN
India, viaje inolvidable. Casa Asia, SPAIN
India is global video Challenge 2012 ( INDIA 2012
Finalist of the Film category in the contest  “Art your food”, IMAfestival 2012 ITALY